Ornamental grass maintenance

Asked March 12, 2016, 1:40 AM EST

Should ornamental grasses such as Mexican feather grass, blue oat, and large and small blue fescues be cut back in early spring before new shoots appear?

Boulder County Colorado

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Certainly, you're safe cutting back the old foliage before the new foliage appears in the spring, however, with those particular grasses, some people prefer to simply rake out the old foliage using a comb or by massaging the blades while wearing rubber gloves.

The Mexican Feather Grass (Nassela tenuissima) produces an enormous amount of seed which self-sows to the point of making itself a weed. Raking it after it blooms gets rid of a lot of that seed and leaves behind only the soft culms to blow in the breeze.

The fescues tend to be short-lived and need frequent division. Oftentimes, teasing out the spent blades is enough to tidy up the plant without going to the extreme of cutting it all the way back.