Plant stems will not twist or spiral anymore

Asked March 11, 2016, 10:55 PM EST

Why won't the stems on my cork screw rush plant (or is it called top twisted arrow grass) twist and/or spiral? It's planted outside. It was twisting and spirally when I planted it. Growing outside the past 4 years but does not twist or curl like it did the first year? Thank You!

Lehigh County Pennsylvania

3 Responses

Here is a quote from the Missouri Plant Finder. They say the leaves straighten out as they grow. Also this plant likes to live in water and in full sun. It may be that you aren't getting enough new shoots due to environmental conditions.
"This plant is commonly known as corkscrew rush because it features a tuft of cylindrical, tightly-spiraled, corkscrew-like green stems (to 1/4” thick) which uncoil as they grow and spread out in all directions (both upward and prostrate)."

I thought the spirals remain. Never noticed it uncoil and new ones don't seem to come even though it spreads wider. We do not keep it soggy which it needs also. It does cover up our ugly gas meter outside though! Thank You so Much, Jim and Betty