Blue Ridge blueberry size?

Asked March 11, 2016, 10:38 PM EST

Dear UMD extension experts - I'm trying to plant a dry, partly shady strip of soil in my D.C. yard with native plants, and I found a reference on your site to the Blue Ridge blueberry, Vaccinium pallidum. Your site says it grows to 1.5-2 feet, but a nursery that stocks it says it grows to 8-10 feet! Can you help me resolve this? Something 2 feet high would be perfect for the site; something 8 feet high would be way too big. Thanks!! Best, , Washington DC

District of Columbia

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The blueberries that you are referring to are different species.
The 'Blue Ridge' blueberry is a southern highbush blueberry. We could not find information on height and width. See the link from NC State for more information

The hillside blueberry is known as a lowbush blueberry, Vaccinum pallidum. Look for this blueberry in native plant nurseries and may be hard to find. Usually grows in woods. See our link for height.

Check out our website for more information on blueberries. There you will find variety selection and growing information. Height and width depend upon the cultivar. Cultivars grow about 5-7 feet and will require pruning. It is important to test your soil and prepare the planting bed before planting as blueberries like an acidic soil with plenty of organic matter.
'Top Hat' is a dwarf blueberry cultivar that is frequently grown in containers due to its small size.