Prennial Grasses

Asked March 11, 2016, 2:50 PM EST

I would like to plant a small area that is full sun. What would be a good choice for my county, I would also like the grass to be: drought resistant, not an invasive species, and Cheat Grass resistant. Thanks

Fremont County Wyoming

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HI and thanks for your question.
I need a bit more information before I give you a good answer...
What do you plan to use this patch of grass for? Will it be a lawn? Are you going to keep it mowed? Will it be grazed? Will it receive a lot of traffic?
This publication contains numerous grasses that live on the rangelands of Wyoming: Of course, I wouldn't recommend planting cheatgrass. :)
This publication has some other recommendation for low-maintenance grasses:
This publication contains grass species if it is going to be used as turf:
I look forward to hearing back from you with more questions if you have them.