Transplant peonies

Asked March 10, 2016, 3:19 PM EST

I live in Denver and need to move my peonies. When is a good time to do this?

Denver County Colorado

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Yes, you can although the literature recommends fall as the best time for transplanting. The idea behind fall transplanting is that the newly-set divisions will have time to root before they put on new growth in the spring. However, in Denver, our weather is so unpredictable in both spring and fall that we have to forge ahead despite the recommendations.

When you divide your peony, make sure that each division has at least 3 to 5 "eyes." The "eyes" actually look more like pink tear ducts; they are the shoots for the next season.

Only plant the "eyes" about one to two inches deep. If planted too deeply, the plant will produce foliage but no flowers. Space divisions about 2 to 3 feet apart and mulch lightly with an organic mulch.