gnat and mosquitos in our yard

Asked March 10, 2016, 2:30 PM EST

I am looking for a solution to our gnat and mosquito problem. I'm looking for a natural pesticide that is SAFE FOR BEEs. Any suggestions? thank you .

Montgomery County Maryland

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We are glad you are looking for safe solutions. Our approach is always with an eye to safety and sustainability.
The best way to approach mosquito control is with management of your yard environment. They breed in standing, still water, so it's important to regularly dump anything in the yard that holds water, including plastic tarps, children playthings and pots/saucers. If you have bird baths or a pond or other areas that you cannot refresh or drain, there are products referred to as "mosquito dunks", which can be added to the water. These contain a totally non-toxic biological mosquito control, Bti, (bacillus thuringiensis israelensis).
Here is our mosquito page which has a good video and links to other information:
It can be difficult to get complete control if you have neighbors closeby who are not also making an effort to reduce breeding sites.
We do recommend fans to keep the air moving if needed on still evenings, and personal protective measures of covering skin or using a personal repellent containing deet or picaritin.
There is not much to be done for gnats . They are an occasional nuisance which move on with breezes, so again we'd suggest having a box fan near your porch or deck to keep them moving.