Please identify plant below...perennial growing in woody lot in Excelsior, MN

Asked March 10, 2016, 1:55 PM EST

Hello! This is approximately a 18" tall plant which seems to spread freely. It is a perennial and is growing in Excelsior, MN.

Hennepin County Minnesota

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The plant in the photo is probably Balfours touch-me-not (Impatiens balfourii).
It's an annual that spreads rapidly by seed. This plant is listed as invasive in several states including Wisconsin.

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Followup to plant growing in Excelsior MN:

We tentatively identified the plant in the photo you submitted as Impatiens balfourii. However, because the presence of this potentially invasive plant has not been previously confirmed in Minnesota, plant specialists at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources would like to obtain specimens to confirm the ID and submit samples to the University of Minnesota Herbarium for the record.

If you are willing to allow someone to visit the site and collect samples when the plants are growing this summer, please contact DNR plant specialists Laura VanRiper or Monica Chandler to give them permission and provide directions to the site.

In the meantime, please reply to this message and let me know whether/when you plan to contact them.

Thank you.

This is a follow up to the previous email as we have not heard from you.

The plant we tentatively identified for you appears to be a confirmed invasive plant in Wisconsin, and a yet-to-be invasive plant for Minnesota. As required, we contacted the MN Department of Agriculture (MDA) and the MN Dept of Natural Resources (MNDNR) with the information you provided. These two agencies work tirelessly to manage invasive species in our state and were very interested in seeing this plant in the landscape.

The help of citizens is an important component in the management of invasive species in our state.Your assistance in this matter could very well result in preventing this plant from becoming naturalized in our landscapes.

Confirmation of the plant species is critical, and we would appreciate your cooperation to do so. The MDA and MN DNR would like to visit your yard or get information from you where you have seen it growing, and collect plant samples when the plant is actively growing this summer.

Please email the following invasive species experts directly with information about where the plant is growing and / or to set up a visit to your yard (if that is where it is growing):
Laura VanRiper, MNDNR -
Monika Chandler, MDA -

If you prefer, you reply to this email with your response and I will forward your reply onto them. I hope we can count on your help! Thank you!