Violet Identification

Asked March 9, 2016, 7:58 PM EST

These questions pertain to plants found in wilderness areas (disturbed and previously inhabited). Please let me know if I should point my questions elsewhere. I have stumbled across a violet with white petals that possess distinct purple coloration near the ovaries. There is some purple V. adunca (I believe) immediately adjacent. Is this white coloration simply some plasticity in V. adunca or something totally different? Found near Corbett at the Angel's Rest Trailhead. Also, do you know of a simple dichotomous key for violets? Primarily I have been finding dense patches of purple violet in the understory that I would like to know if it is V. odorata or V. adunca. There are not many keys with the invasive V. odorata present. Any help you can provide would be great. One last thing. Does V. adunca grow primarily in understory or open fields? Thank you so much for your time. Sorry about the pictures.

Multnomah County Oregon

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Viola adunca seems to grow mainly in meadows or other open areas and would less likely to be encountered in understory situations. Viola odorata can be found in various places - the flowers can be blue to white. V. adunca has flowers that are mainly blue but it is always possible that a white flowered form could be found. I cannot determine a species from photos - this is a case where I would actually need a specimen in hand to identify it as a simple key to violets does not exist -violets are notoriously difficult to key out.