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Asked March 9, 2016, 10:41 AM EST

HI about three years ago I was given some weed killer which burned the grass in my backyard (about 24 x 5 feet space) for the past two years I have planted grass seed which grows and does well throughout the summer. However each spring the grass is gone, I have little patches (2x3 inches) of grass. I have used nematoads(spelling bad) to get rid of the grubs which worked, but the grass does not make it through the winter. Last year I put down milorganite to fertilize the area. I want to put some seed down this weekend since it is going to rain next week. Should I give up and cover the area in cement or rocks? This area is sunny throughout the day, so what type of seed should I put down.

Montgomery County Maryland

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Scarify the ground to create the proper seed bed before seeding. The recommended seed is a turf type tall fescue blend. The seed should be kept moist during the germination period. A straw mulch or fiber covering will help keep the surface moist.Depending on the temperture, it may take up to 3 weeks before you see the seed


why does the grass do well throughout the summer but disappear over the winter.

Suspect that ryegrass made up the majority of the seed mix.