Asked March 8, 2016, 9:52 AM EST

Hundreds of them. Should I be killing them? They are coming to the windows at night an some remain in the morning.

Berks County Pennsylvania gypsy moth

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It is way too early in the year for gypsy moth. I don't expect to see caterpillars until end of April. Adult moths won't appear until July sometime. I suggest you capture some of the moths and take them to your Extension office for identification. You can proceed with control once you know what you have.

Male gypsy moths are a nuisance, but by themselves don't cause damage. The caterpillars will start to emerge late April, early May, and by mid-may will be very damaging. Find out who your county has designated as the Gypsy Moth Program coordinator. They can tell you just what is going on with any gypsy moth suppression in your county.