Asked March 7, 2016, 9:03 PM EST

I am looking to be able to recover my investment into a used continuous flow grain dryer, mainly for corn. The dryer would cost $4000.00. I would need to buy a 20 foot auger with 10HP motor from an existing 1000 bushel wet holding bin. I would need an unloading auger from the dryer to a 400 bushel gravity wagon for the dry corn. I have the dryer building and 3 phase power lines and panel. I also have 2 storage bins size 18 feet diameter by 7 rings. The bins have 1 HP aerated floors for cooling grain. I would need a transport auger of size 40 feet from the gravity wagon to get the grain into the bins next to the dryer building. I am not sure what the augers would cost. The transport auger could be pto driven. My question is how many bushels of corn is needed to pay for this setup? In Michigan the recommended rate is $.04 per point per bushel. To help with expenses I could store grain in the two bins at $.06 per bushel per month. I believe each bin holds 4800 bushels each. I would surely appreciate all comments. I would need to know LP gas cost per gallon. Most of the corn would be around 25% moisture and have to be dried down to 15.5% moisture. Thank you so much.


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The information that you need to answer your question are included in a publication AE-923 Calculating Grain Drying Cost, , and in the video on conducting a grain dryer energy audit,