How should I go about picking a event on the Wayne County 4-h events if I...

Asked March 7, 2016, 8:13 PM EST

How should I go about picking a event on the Wayne County 4-h events if I have never been in 4-h or never done any of the clubs How do I know what the clubs are about and what you will be doing in them?

Wayne County Ohio

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Hello and thank you for your question.

To join 4-H you will need to get connected with a 4-H club in the county. Here is a link to our listing of 2016 clubs that are accepting new members. This list explains the types of projects the clubs offer, what part of the county they are located in such as northwest, southeast, etc. and the school district(s). If it says various that means the club has members from more than one school district. Once you've selected a club call the organizational advisor (their name and phone number are also on this list) to find out the dates, times, and locations for the club and feel free to ask them any other questions about the club. If you would like a more specific recommendation for a club - please call the Wayne County Extension Office at 330-264-8722 and based on your interests and where you live in the county we can help direct you to a club. Some people visit a couple of different 4-H clubs before deciding on one to join. This helps them get a better feel for how the club operates and what types of activities they do before committing to one. To be eligible for participation in the Wayne County Jr. Fair all 4-H members must be enrolled by April 1st. Again, if you have more questions, please call our office at 330-264-8722 and we will be happy to talk things through with you.

Sorry - forgot to include a link to the clubs accepting new members list in the previous message I sent you!