Soil problems

Asked March 6, 2016, 4:50 PM EST

Several years ago (may 6 years ago) I used a poison ivy killer. Ever since then I have had trouble planting anything in that area and the downhill area of the garden. Any plant (flower) refuses to thrive, in fact they eventually dies. How can I bring the soil back to healthy? The rest of the garden does not have this problem.

Howard County Maryland

1 Response

Check the label of whatever product you used to kill poison ivy to see how long the product stays in the soil. If you used the product according to the directions, you could consider calling the toll free number on the label for suggestions. Otherwise you could consider incorporating a large amount of well rotted organic material into the soil in this area before planting. Since there is a slope, you will have to be careful when watering to make sure that the moisture actually gets to the roots of the new plants rather than trickling down the hill. You could also put in some landscape ties at a right angle to the slope to hold the soil in place at least until the plants become established. vw