Raising calves

Asked March 5, 2016, 10:20 PM EST

I plan on buying some calves at the sale barn to raise for a year. I don't want to bottle feed, so at which age/weight would be the youngest to get and survive on forage/feed only? Also would creep be the best feed for young calves or is their a better feed with the necessary supplements?

Hunt County Texas

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My recommendation would be to purchase weaned calves that have been raised by their mother. Of course buying at the salebarn, you do not really have a way to know their history. A calf over 8-10 weeks of age can "survive" on forage and feed only; but an older calf that has been raised and weaned should do better in the long run. Creep feed is good for starting the calves on. Depending on what your end result is going to be, there are beef maker feeds, developers, finishers, etc. Feel Free to contact the Hunt County Extension Office, 903-455-9885 if you have further questions.