Adding B-1 to soil

Asked March 5, 2016, 4:16 PM EST

I would like to know what DE Cooperative Extension's opinion is on adding B-1 during planting, specifically, does it help prevent transplant shock and/or stimulate new root growth? Thank you so much for your service! Susan Dixon

New Castle County Delaware

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Hi Susan,
Testimonials and marketing to the contrary, B-1 has not been shown to benefit transplants. Neither is it necessary, and may even be harmful if improperly applied, to add fertilizer. Good old water is the essential additive needed to establish a healthy well-prepared plant properly planted in a well-prepared bed or hole.

Proper irrigation is the primary requirement to establish transplanted root systems.
Make sure that applied irrigation not only saturates the root ball, but also some of the adjacent native soil. This will encourage new roots to expand and colonize a greater soil volume and hence help the plant to be better able to utilize available soil nutrients and natural precipitation. A little compost at the bottom of the planting hole can also help boost a healthy microbial environment for root growth.