Hydroponic DIY

Asked March 5, 2016, 3:24 PM EST

Looking for resources on Hydroponic growing. We have a small building and are looking into strawberry and other herb /lettuce type crops.. But with all the internet searches not sure who to look to as an expert. Any advice would be great. Melissa

Allegany County New York

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Hi Melissa, I'm not sure if you want to use hydroponics to grow food for your family or to sell to others, but it sounds like selling to others is where you are heading. I would first call your local Extension office in Belmont: 585 268-7644. I read online that the Belmont offices have been relocated, but people are still available by phone and email. They might be able to connect you with someone not too far away, so you could visit their set-up and pick their brain. Cornell also has some good online resources, at this link http://www.cornellcea.com/.