Black walnut tree fungus?

Asked March 4, 2016, 7:39 PM EST

I noticed a few weeks ago that one of my black walnut trees had this weird looking goop on it. I looked closer and it looks like a fungus of some sort. This tree is huge and really is like 3 trees in one. We've lived here almost 10 years and have not even seen this before. We have a few other Black Walnut trees that do not have this issue. Is there anything we can do for this, or will it kill the tree??

Lane County Oregon

3 Responses

This is the second "orange fungus" on walnut trees in the last two months.

There are several "orange or jelly fungus" types. The key is that the fungus is not fatal. However, the reason or why is the trees sapping and the orange fungus growing in the sap of the walnut trees?

This usually means there is a hole or break in the bark, thus the sapping.

The orange fungus is taking advantage of the nutrient filled sap.

You scape the fungus off the tree or apply a copper type spray to kill the fungus.

Thank you for that information. What keeps it from just coming back again?

If the walnut saps again, the orange fungus will probably return. There are many factors, weather, time of year, if the fungus is still in the environment, etc.

A copper spray will help to eliminate the fungus.