Too late to prune fuzzy kiwi?

Asked March 4, 2016, 6:06 PM EST

Sherwood Oregon - March 4, 2016
Hello. I have purchased property with a pair of old very overgrown fuzzy kiwi. Though I live at 800 foot elevation above Sherwood, the kiwi vines seem to be planted in a protective micro climate. In late October and November we harvested boxes and boxes of kiwis. They were delicious, though on the small side - probably due to the overgrowth.
I have read and reread the OSU PDF info. It says pruning too late can weaken the vine due to excessive sap loss. Yesterday, when I began pruning my female kiwi I noticed a steady drip of sap. Today the sap is still flowing from the cuts I made yesterday. This is concerning. Please advise.
Thank you!

Washington County Oregon

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When pruning cuts drip, common wisdom suggests that the “plant may bleed to death.” But plant physiology says that sap dripping from pruning cuts simply indicates positive root pressure; that is, the roots are actively absorbing water. In a practical sense, the cuts have been made and there’s nothing you can do can stop the drip. The plant will eventually stop the flow on its own schedule. All that remains is to jot a note in your calendar to prune between late December and late January as is suggested in the publication.