Plant Type?

Asked March 4, 2016, 3:54 PM EST

This plant grows every year starting with winter, then the flowers start to bloom starting from the end of winter 'til the end of spring, and some years it continues to summer. It has round Mallow-like leaves with a sweet aroma. The green parts have these thorn-like things, only that it's not sharp or harmful, it's really soft, like hairs or something. The flowers are pink and really fragile that after few days from blooming, if touched, the petals fall easily. The petals taste a little acidic (something similar to pomegranates peels.) Its pedicle has a really sweet (ether?) liquid at the very end of it. And when the flowers die, it leaves these long dry things (seeds?) inside of the sepal. I never tried planting them or something, so I really am not sure whether they're seeds or not. I tried searching for it, found alikes but never found it. So, can someone help, please?

Outside United States

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This is a Pelargonium, commonly known as a geranium. You'll find information online about growing them in your climate.

Thanks a million!