Seeding and crabgrass control

Asked March 4, 2016, 10:22 AM EST

Based on your last year's Garden Guide, it says to seed in February and that pre-emergent herbicides can be applied in March to control crabgrass. Is it too late now (early March) to seed and then apply the crabgrass control in late March? Our yard was redone and reseeded two years ago and wasn't developed enough for the pre-emergent last year and crabgrass started to reappear. We seeded in the fall and we're hoping to do both seeding and crabgrass control this spring. Are we too late to do both? Many thanks for your assistance.

Frederick County Maryland

1 Response

If the overseeding done last fall was successful, then there is no reason to reseed in the spring. Keeping out the competition of the crabgrass will help establish the "good" grass.Controlling crabgrass in Maryland generally requires that preemergent crabgrass products be applied twice. The first should be applied before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. This is usually in early April and the second application 6 weeks later.