topping trees and erosion control

Asked March 3, 2016, 5:20 PM EST

HI. We just moved to Harbor, OR from Alaska. New vegetation and issues here. Our land is very hilly. Our house is on a bench with a stable slope below then another bench. Our view is terrific. We had a landscape designer visit and she will be drawing up suggestions for landscaping incorporating our wishes. To preserve our view and stable bank she suggested not removing but topping the alder? trees in front of the house. I thought topping was a no-no. These trees are about 15+ feet high. What do you say? Are there publications for new Oregon residents that might help? Thanks, Gina Soltis

Curry County Oregon

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Yes, any responsible arborist is very loathe to top a mature tree. Alders are by their nature often not long-lived and topping will usually shorten that life span. You can, of course, remove ones that are really blocking the view or you can have an ISA certified arborist look at selectively thinning so you see the view through the framework. That is often very effective. Welcome to Oregon. Curry County has some great scenery for sure.