Need assistance with planting grass

Asked March 2, 2016, 9:18 AM EST

I removed four (big)trees from my front and back yard. I will be getting the stumps and roots removed in the next couple of week. My lawn will need total replanting of grass. What are steps I need to take to ensure planting grass is done properly? Should I add more top soil? What is the best grass to grow in my area? I live in Montgomery County. I can provide pictures if needed for a better assessment.

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We have all the information you need to make these decisions.
The best grass to grow in full sun in Maryland is called turf-type tall fescue. A good quality seed will be a mixture of tall fescue types.
For the best start, we highly recommend having your soil testing right away. It is easy and doesn't take long. Here is our page on soil testing, which includes how to take a sample and a link to a chart of regional labs you can mail the sample to for analysis:
The following page from our website is helpful for many lawn questions, In particular you should read the publication HG 102 Lawn Renovation and Overseeding, which covers all the specifics:
You can add topsoil to level the area if needed.