Pest Problem

Asked March 1, 2016, 3:32 PM EST

Hi there, We have a pest problem at our cottage in the UP. There is debris at the bottom of some walls which we recently put new wood paneling on on the inside. The debris contains no wood pulp, no bug carcasses, no live bug activity. The debris appears to be sand, asphalt shingle bits (the cottage has asphalt shingle), etc. The mounds of debris looks like pictures I've seen of termite droppings but under microscope it does not match the tubular nature of them.

I've attached pictures

Mackinac County Michigan

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I agree it does not appear to be the work of termites. Unfortunately, I do not have a good guess about what could be happening. Is there someplace where you would be willing to remove a bit of the new paneling to see if the same materials are accumulating inside the wall void? If you vacuum up the material, how quickly does it reappear? You may continue the discussion on this problem with me at my office email-