Stunted blossoms on witch hazel tree

Asked March 1, 2016, 1:08 PM EST

We planted a red witch hazel tree three years ago. We get stunted blossoms on the mature limbs and blossoms on the inner smaller limbs. We have added holly tone and some pine needles. Should we prune the older branches and develop the inner branches? I have more images but can only load one

New Castle County Delaware

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I did a google search and did not find anything about stunted blossoms. A few references talk about stunted twigs due to drought and poor soil. Cultural recommendations for witch hazel include moist, rich soil. I think your inclination to prune out old branches and let younger branches take over is a good one. Be sure to remove only about 1/3 of the older branches each year. Spring is a great time to prune before shrubs leaf out.