Do you provide testing for INSV of houseplants?

Asked March 1, 2016, 11:21 AM EST

I am concerned that one of my african violets may have INSV. Many websites discussing the topic recommend confirming the diagnosis by having the plant tested by "your local extension service". Do you provide that service? If so, how do I provide the test sample to you? I have attached photos of the affected plant.

Anne Arundel County Maryland houseplants african violets insv

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We do not do testing at the Home and Garden Information Center. If you are growing a few African violets for your enjoyment, we'd recommend that you bag and dispose of this plant quickly. INSV is spread by thrips. If this is a new plant, it may have arrived infected. If not, you may have thrips indoors which will spread the disease to all your violets. Those that do not show symptoms are likely to be infected already if they are in close proximity to this plant.
If you are a grower or show these violets, you may want to contact Karen Rane at the UMD Plant Diagnostic Lab. (Google search.) To test one plant is problematic, but if you have many plants, you may be able to work something out. It is not inexpensive. Also, you could contact AGDIA Inc. in Elkhart, Indiana, who actually perform the test. Find them online.