Gifted house plant

Asked March 1, 2016, 9:12 AM EST

I'm unsure what this plant is, but would like to know. It has long woody stems and it does flower. The flowers are on one long branch with 20-30 flowers each of a small starburst look. The leaves also have an unusual little tail that sticks out at the end of the leave's long main "vein".

Outside United States

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Hello, please let us know where this plant is located. If it is ouside of the US - what country? If it is inside the US, what state and county? This way it will be easier for us to diagnose the problem and assign the question to the best expert.

It's located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

This is a garden croton, Codiaeum variagatum. There are many different cultivars with varying leaf shapes and foliage colors from green and yellow, white, orange and red. They are beautiful houseplants and prefer bright light and moderate watering.

Thanks so much for this information! I ran across the garden croton in my searches, but none of them looked like mine. Now that you mention there are so many cultivars of it, that make sense. Thanks again!

You are welcome. I have one as well - and have enjoyed it immensely!

One question... is there any particular magic to propagating them? I see a few different recommendations that don't seem to agree.

The following resource from University of Florida describes a fairly easy method of propagating garden crotons: