Tomatoes/Wilt Issues

Asked February 29, 2016, 6:25 PM EST

Hello, I have a raised bed garden about 6ft X 25ft. I put a dozen tomatoes in each year. They start like gang busters and get over 6 feet tall and then start to die out. I was told by several people they have wilt? I have also been told that Vapam which is not legal in Maryland is the only thing that will kill wilt. Please advise on what I can do. Thank you, James Sloat

Anne Arundel County Maryland vegetables early blight tomato disease

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These are several wilt diseases, which have somewhat different symptoms. Look over the diagnostic chart in the following fact sheet, and try to pinpoint what symptoms your tomatoes had. Under the chart in more detailed information (and more specific symptoms) that explain how to avoid wilts.

The most common problem with tomato plants is early blight. You may want to look over the early blight and other diseases in the Grow It Eat It section, which includes controls: