Last years seeds?

Asked February 29, 2016, 10:14 AM EST

Good morning! I have some left over seeds from last year and I am wondering if they are still usable this year. I have a pack of lima beans that are opened and a pack of water melon seeds that are unopened. I was going to plant them to see what happens but don't want to waste time and resources if they won't grow.

New Castle County Delaware

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Although it's always a good idea to buy fresh seeds, it is quite possible your seeds are still viable - seeds can last for years, under proper conditions. Before planting outside, I would suggest seeing if they germinate inside under ideal conditions: put a few seeds inside a paper towel, soaked with warm water; cover (or place in a small Ziploc bag) - in other words; don't let the paper towel dry out. If the seeds are viable you should notice them starting to germinate within a few days. Good Luck!