Does the county do mosquito surveillance? I live on Pullins Woods Dr. Huge...

Asked February 28, 2016, 8:17 PM EST

Does the county do mosquito surveillance? I live on Pullins Woods Dr. Huge problem here during the summer. Do you know about BTI traps? Recommendations for the coming season?

Champaign County Ohio

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I talked to the Health Department and they do not do any monitoring or spraying. The city of Urbana has a scheduled spray program but only within the city limits. The BTI is not a trap but briquettes or pellets which are to be applied to temporary pools of water. This biobased insecticide is filtered out by the mosquito larvae and the toxin kills them by poking a hole in the larval gut. It can be purchased on the Internet in homeowner and commercial quantities.

You may be able to talk to the Health Department, Soil and Water Conservation District or County Engineer if drainage is an issue in road ditches or fields. Another consideration would be for homeowners in the Pullins Woods Dr area to hire a commercial pesticide applicator to fog throughout the summer.

If these options do not work, the most important control method is eliminating standing water which is where they breed. Spraying plants with a pyrethroid insecticide or homeowner foggers are good for a day or two for special occasions. Using fans on a deck can help as adults won't fly in wind speeds greater than 5 mph.

When I mentioned BTI traps I meant intentionally leaving standing water treated with BTI on my property to attract mosquitos to lay their eggs hoping to eventually decrease the numbers. Thanks for the info.