Best rootstock?

Asked February 28, 2016, 5:50 PM EST

Greetings! On our family farm in northern NY there is am old Wealthy apple tree. I would like to graft some scions from this tree to a rootstock. Can you recommend a good one please? Thank you!

Essex County New York

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My name is Brad Cochran and I am with West Virginia State University Extension Service. First, thanks for using the eXtension portal for your questions. Reading through your question I must say that you are in luck. I typically recommend using a Geneva type rootstock (many options depending on the size tree you want. dwarf, semi-dwarf, etc.). The great thing about this rootstock for you is that Cornell University right there in New York has been at the forefront of this research on Geneva rootstock and, in fact, had a tremendous amount to do with its development and usage over the years.

This link ( gives a great rundown of the Geneva rootstocks that are available and has a contact for you with Cornell at the bottom of the first page. I'm sure you could contact Jessica Lyga directly and she could help to fill you in on local sources of the Geneva rootstock that I am not sure about for your local area. There could possibly be a nursery close by that could do the grafting for you as well if you are not set up to do it at this time.

Again, thanks for using eXtension and I hope that I have been of some help to you. Should you have additional questions please feel free to contact me directly at


Brad Cochran
WVSU Extension Service

Dear Brad Cochran, thanks for your response, and for the information on the Geneva root stock - it looks like it would be a great match!
Thanks, Bill