Sharing a room

Asked February 28, 2016, 5:09 PM EST

My friend seven year old daughter shares a room with her parents. She sees them having sex often. I am extremly disturbed by this . Am I over reacting?

Riverside County California

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Thank you for this question, you are absolutely correct in being disturbed by this situation. I don't know the rest of the circumstances or your relationship, the parents may be doing their best if there is no other way of providing this child with her own room but they cannot allow sexual activity to occur when she is in the room. It is very disturbing for children especially one of this young age who does not understand what is occurring. If you are in a position to discuss this with the parents and be assured it no longer occurs you can do that however I strongly encourage you to report it to your local child protective agency as it is a clear form of child maltreatment.