Dry ivy leaves

Asked February 28, 2016, 1:05 AM EST

I've had this indoor ivy for about a month. I water it once a week but it has slowly died by going limp then drying out. I keep it on a windowsill and the soil isn't moist just feels a cool temperature. Is there an explanation for my ivy slowly dying like this? Is there anything I can do to nurse it back to health? Thanks


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Often when you see ivy wilting, it often is the result of root failure. Why the root fails? Many possible reason:
1. Did it get overwater and drown?
2. Was this plant started from cutting? If so, are there root growing?
3. The the pot (and/or plant) get too hot (or cold), extreme temperature can hurt roots.

I would suggest looking at the roots. If there are NO roots or poor looking roots, then I would suggest starting over.
Ivy plants are relatively easy to propagate. You might be able to get a cutting with small roots and just put those roots in water, held in with stone/marbles. This way you are able to see the root growth and progress of the plant. At a later stage, you could transplant the plant (with an active root) into soil.