What is this!?!

Asked February 27, 2016, 7:32 PM EST

it looks like poison oak but i'm sure it's not. what could it be?

San Mateo County California

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thank you. any idea what it might be?

It looks familiar, but these close ups of only new growth are notoriously difficult to identify. Send a one from further away to show the size, and another from even further, to show trees and plants in the surrounding area. Also, pull one up: what sort of roots? Is it a sucker from a larger root system, or is each plant a separate seedling?

do these help?
theyre individual seedlings, 3.
not matching any trees or plants nearby.
i thought maybe impatiens-Jewelweed but probably not. when it first popped up I thought Melissa-lemon balm but it's not. leaves are fragrance free.

Not jewel weed. I looked up "shrubs three lobed leaves" and there are many similar on the image search, but nothing seems quite right. I will send your question back to the expert pool to see if anyone recognizes it. The local Master Gardener Volunteers in your county may be your best resource, or a good plant nursery. Try back here in a month or so if needed, as sometimes when a bit bigger the identity is more clear.