Stiltgrass problem

Asked February 26, 2016, 4:22 PM EST

I have a pasture that has extensive japanese stiltgrass. I would like to get this under control, and there are no animals currently grazing the pasture (so, it's really just an unused field of mixed grasses). I'm planning to use a pre-emergent agent this Spring, but would also like to know what would work post-emergence. What would you recommend for this? I've looked at Acclaim Extra, but this seems to be aimed at turf management. I've also read about aminocyclopyrachlor and aminopyralid-based products. Would one of those be suitable? Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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Currently, there are not many suggestions for this at this point. Once Prowl H2O becomes labeled in grass pasture/hay this will be a good choice. Milestone (aminopyralid) does have some activity on stiltgrass but the high rate (6-7 oz/A) is necessary. Method (aminocyclopyrachlor) and Acclaim (fenoxaprop) also has activity on it but this product is not labeled for agronomic use in PA, only for non-croplands. However, with either of these products at the rates necessary to kill stiltgrass, they will also injury/kill any surrounding trees. Wish we had some better options for you. Spot spraying with glyphosate is a way to kill current plants, but a residual is really needed for adequate control. Is crop rotation an option for you?

Thanks for the helpful information. Is Milestone at the high rate safe around trees?

Milestone at the high rate would also have the potential to damage trees in the same respect.