whats problem my peonies

Asked February 26, 2016, 4:53 AM EST

I planted some peony 2 years ago, some of them wilted in the first mid summer. Second year they growed not strongly and they wilted mid summer again I want to prevent this season before they are not shooted. I send some pictures. Could you find what disease they have got? thank you for your time ibrahim celik

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Hi -

From the last picture, it appears that there is herbicide damage to the peonies. Was there any grass weed killer used in the area? Was roundup used on top of the black fabric?

Thank you very much for reply ,
I never used herbicide agent.Do you think if it might be botytis fungal infection? Because every season symptoms are repeated.
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ibrahim celik

Hi -

It may be a disease, but I've seen Botrytis and I'm rather sure this is not it. But, you should have it tested to see what disease it is.

Here is one of the best peony disease factsheets out there:

From your message, I can't tell what state you are in. I suggest taking a sample to the state Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic. Find out where your local Extension office is and ask about submitting a sample to the state lab.

Good luck!