Problems with Fraser Fir and Colorado Blue Spruce

Asked February 25, 2016, 4:34 PM EST

Three evergreens at the end of a line of evergreens affected by thinning and needle drop. First noticed early summer of 2015. All evergreens effectively treated for bag worm in summer of 2014 using BT. Two Fraser Firs with Colorado Blue Spruce in middle, tallest is 25 ft., shortest 15 ft. All trees established 15 to 20 years in sandy soil in full sun on windy ridge but no recent applications of lime or fertilizer have been made.

Calvert County Maryland trees

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Your trees look like they may have cytospora and/or a needle cast disease which cannot be cured by spray. Certainly the tree on the left in the first photo and the tree in the second photo are candidates for removal. Fraser fir and Colorado blue spruce are not great selections for Calvert County Maryland since they tend to develop disease problems. You might consider replacing them with white pines, hollies or white fir. vw