Cattle vaccinations

Asked February 25, 2016, 3:11 PM EST

What are the recommended cattle vaccines given in the Mat-su?


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While it is very important to vaccinate livestock, the decision of which vaccines to use and the schedule of when to administer them should be made with your herd veterinarian. The recommendations for each farm differ according to the specific herd management practices utilized by the producer. For example, the recommendations for a herd using a bull for breeding versus artificial insemination will be different.

In general, cattle should be vaccinated against the following pathogens:

IBR - infectious bovine rhinotracheitis
BRSV - bovine respiratory syncytial virus
BVDV - bovine viral diarrhea virus
PI3 - parainfluenza 3
Clostridium (multiple types)
Careful consideration must be made when selecting vaccines, as some should not be used in pregnant cattle or cows nursing calves. All injections should be given according to Beef Quality Assurance guidelines. And as always, carefully read and record the slaughter withdrawal guidelines for the vaccine. Most will have a 21 day slaughter withdrawal.