worms in raspberries

Asked February 24, 2016, 4:00 PM EST

Every year I get tiny almost clear worms in my late summer red/purple raspberries. They seem to live inside the ripe berries just between the berries and the stem. I also have some wild earlier raspberries in my yard that never seem to have the worms. What are these worms and how do I get rid of them? Are they a danger to other plants in my yard? John Plasterer Baltimore County

Baltimore County Maryland

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What you are seeing are the larvae of the spotted wing Drosaphila fly.This has become a relatively new problem with small fruit growers and especially those producing wine grapes. Control includes the monitoring of the adults using a simple trap and then treating with spinosad or a pyrethrin insecticide.http://extension.umd.edu/learn/spotted-wing-drosophila-swd-part-2-management


Thanks for the information. I have grapes (Concord) in my yard. I have not yet noticed worms in them. Are they at risk? I also have blueberries and figs (brown turkey) and am trying to grow Goji berries and Sea Buckthorn berries Should all of these be sprayed?


Here is the information on our website under Invasives: http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/invasives/spotted-wing-drosophila

You'll read that yes, grapes are vulnerable. Blueberries more so. "Any thin-skinned" fruit could be a target. The traps are very effective.

Be sure the ID is correct before you spray, and never spray when they are in bloom and pollinators will be harmed.

You may want to send us photos if you encounter this pest this year. We have an entomologist who can look at it and give you a positive ID.