Grazing muzzle

Asked February 24, 2016, 2:48 PM EST

We have an overweight Pinto pony and we are trying to figure out a way to reduce his hay intake. He shares a paddock with one other horse, they are fed together. We have a run in shed that they share and there is no separation in the shed. We have no way to feed them separately. I've read up on grazing muzzles but I get the impression that they are only used on pasture. Is there a grazing muzzle that can be used with hay. We generally put the hay in a raised bunk or use hay nets and on occasion ground feed.

Polk County Wisconsin

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grazing muzzles are also effective in reducing hay consumption.
When using a grazing muzzle, just make sure that the hole stays small. When the hole increases in size, it's time to get a new muzzle.
Some horses take a while to adjust, while other horses adjust fairly quickly.
Some muzzle rub their noses, lips, chin. In that case, you can buy some merino sheepskin or fleece to protect the areas.
Good luck!