Getting rid of Indian Strawberry

Asked February 23, 2016, 4:47 PM EST

I have been hand pulling runners and roots for years, but losing ground. They has overrun parts of the lawn, the biggest patch is about 300 ft2. I see various bits of advice, including not to dig it out because that leaves root fragments that can repopulate (like cutting up starfish and throwing them back). Other sites recommend Trimec or Roundup. Can you suggest the least toxic approach you know of?

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is an alien invasive plant that can also spread rapidly in woods and it's good that you are tackling it. Pulling it up if perfectly fine, provided you get a reasonable amount of root. Tiny root fragments do not regenerate.

An herbicide that contains several ingredients such as triclopyr, dicamba and 2,4,D are good. Ortho Chickweed, Oxalis, and Clover Killer is pretty effective. It is helpful to spray the most stubborn weeds twice in very early fall, spacing the applications about 3 weeks apart.

The following weed pub is helpful and has a good herbicide chart: