I am looking at doing something different with my farmable land approximately...

Asked February 23, 2016, 3:46 PM EST

I am looking at doing something different with my farmable land approximately 10 acres. I have had hay made and used for livestock pasture in previous years. This land is gentle rolling with decent drainage and mostly open to sun. Is it feasible to plant alfalfa? Is there another crop that would be better? I have a tractor but no other farming equipment. I have thought of organic produce and fruits for a u-pick. I have a good central local and visibility for selling produce. What would be the most profitable and sustainable.

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There are a variety of directions you could go depending on your goals and available markets. The lowest input option maybe be the current use for pasture and hay especially if good fencing is already in place. For other crops, first and foremost answer the question where will I market this product and at what price? A road side stand orchard or other option is very possible but will be a larger time commitment and require capital purchase to add to your current equipment inventory.

We often have small farm colleges in the state that answer many of the questions you have expressed. I would suggest contacting Rory Lewendowski our Ag Educator in Wooster about more detail and he maybe be able to provide additional direction over the phone.