Almond/Pistachio Orchard feasibility

Asked February 22, 2016, 8:15 PM EST

I am considering growing either or both almonds or pistachio in Montague county. My property contains both lowland ( Denton Creek ) and uplands. Any advice or guidance would be helpful.

Montague County Texas

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We do not recommend pistachio for production purposes in any location of Texas, except El Paso. Pistachio needs high winter chilling, warm spring and dry summer and fall weather. Any--any--rainfall occurring during fruit maturity ruins the crop.

Almonds have similarly not performed well in most areas in Texas. Almonds are low heat unit responsive, and thus prone to late spring frost. This would be problematic in Montague County's north Texas latitude. Almonds also exhibit problems with bacterial leaf spot in Texas.
For Montague County, peaches and pecans are both better suited fruit and nut crops, with more potential for sustainable yields.
Texas produces no (zero) almonds and pistachios commercially due to the climatic limitiation described above.