Asked February 22, 2016, 10:32 AM EST

last spring and summer the vole population on my lawn increased to the point of they made ten nests. Which means each nest destroys an 8" x 10" patch of lawn. Destroying the nests only resulted in them just making more which only gave me more bare patches. Help me, what should I do?

Ramsey County Minnesota lawns and turf vole damage

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Vole damage to turf is usually most visible in the spring but, as you have noted, summer nests in the lawn are unsightly too.

Voles can and do damage many kinds of landscape plants as well as those in the vegetable garden, so general control measures may bring multiple benefits.

Vole turf damage can also be reduced by dethatching (when that's needed) and cutting the grass lower than usual at the last mowing in autumn.

Information at these websites may be useful. Although the bulletins were prepared for people living in Massachusetts and Washington, the controls mentioned also apply to Minnesota.


I inspected my lawn yesterday now that the snow has melten and on my lilac bush one of the trunks that's about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, the bark has been eaten off all the way from the ground up 5 feet. And all the way around so not just on one side. What would do that? It's not deer. I have a fenced in yard and I'm in the middle of the cities. Thanks, Autumn