Spraying for Mosquitos

Asked February 22, 2016, 8:58 AM EST

My community has asked what products I can recommend to reduce the mosquito population. They are aware not to leave standing water and other good practices but many of them claim to have serious reaction to mosquito bites and want to spray our community. Can anyone give me some guidelines on what to use and when to use it? I have a veg garden, use IPM and have many bees that visit my garden so I would prefer we not spray at all but that is not likely. Part of the community is waterfront so I am also concerned for the SAV and the smallest creatures that live on the shoreline. Should I be? Any help would be appreciated.

Anne Arundel County Maryland mosquitoes pest control

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We do not recommend blanket spraying of communities, but a careful approach of best management practices like removal of standing water and careful management of water that does stand- ornamental pools, birdbaths etc. with the totally non-toxic 'mosquito dunks' of Bt (israelensis) or aeration and personal protection for sensitive individuals with products containing deet or picaritin.

Fogging and spraying large areas, per our entomologist, is not useful to control mosquitoes, with studies showing that less than 1% of the material actually gets where it needs to be, while the products that are used (pyrethroids) kill many, if not all non-target species, so it is not environmentally sound.
Your instincts are on the right track. We are glad you asked.
Here is a page you may like to share: http://www.extension.umd.edu/hgic/mosquitoes