I have two pigs. One has been a bit listless the past 2-3 days. Both are...

Asked February 19, 2016, 10:32 AM EST

I have two pigs. One has been a bit listless the past 2-3 days. Both are pretty uninterested in eating which is alarming. They have been raised outdoors. Living quarters is a calf hutch. They are 5 months old. Only one large vet in the area will come out and wants $200 just to show up! I am worried he'll just throw an antibiotic at them and call it a day. I can do that on my own, but haven't been successful in finding advice on the matter. It should probably be noted that I did switch feeds about a week or so ago. Any thoughts? Advice? Would love to chat with someone by phone if possible. Thanks Jess 4402257538

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Thanks for using eXtension. My suggestion is to contact our State Swine Specialists and check out the http://porkinfo.osu.edu/home Pork Industry Center for possible resources.

Here is the contact information for key team leads-
Dale Ricker, Swine Extension Associate
Phone: 419-523-6294
Cell: 419-231-0884
Putnam County OSU Extension
1206 E. 2nd. Street
Ottawa, Ohio 45875

Steve Moeller, Swine Extension Specialist, moeller.29@osu.edu

Gary Bowman, Swine Extension Veterinarian, bowman.78@osu.edu

Good luck!