pecan tree bark is being eaten by something

Asked February 17, 2016, 8:16 AM EST

Bark on tree is being eaten and branches are brakeing. Is it a bug? I have pics .

Bexar County Texas

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Please attach pics to your question to give our experts an idea of what you are seeing. Thanks!

Haveing problems putting pics on page. You have an email add. i cas send them to?

Sure. Send them to and I will attach them to the question.

The larger wound looks older and I could not see any chewing damage. The middle size damage shows chewing. The third pictures is too blurry.

The teeth marks loot too large to be an insect. I am guessing that this might be damage from squirrels chewing or stripping bark. They strip bark to for nesting material and chew to keep the teeth from growing too long. (Rodents teeth continually grow and the have to chew to keep there teeth from growing too long.) If it is just on the smaller limbs and twigs, I would not worry too much about it. If you have larger patches on the trunk or large limbs, please send more pictures.