Downy Brome control in Kentucky Bluegrass grown for seed.

Asked February 16, 2016, 1:16 PM EST

Second year bluegrass (Barduke) was treated in the fall with Prowl. Early downy brome emergence resulted in lack of efficacy. Beacon was applied in fall (Oct?) . Results not satisfactory. Some downy brome looks stunted and very purple now (delayed result of Beacon), but much remains. Is there an herbicide that could be used for spot treatments that will kill downy brome (I don't mind losing seed production on treated areas this year, but prefer not to kill bluegrass)?

Union County Oregon

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I am concerned about the presence of Beacon-resistant cheatgrass plants in this production field. Is it possible to flag a few plants and allow the plants to produce seed for collection and later testing in the greenhouse? I am located in Union Co. and could provide assistance. Regarding other herbicides for spot spraying, glyphosate would be the only option but would damage the Kentucky bluegrass crop. Unfortunately, there aren't any available herbicide products that would allow selective control of established cheat grass inter-mixed in the Kentucky bluegrass crop. Please contact Darrin L. Walenta at the Union Co. Extension Office and we can continue the discussion.