Choosing a new tree and a privacy hedge

Asked February 13, 2016, 3:02 PM EST

I need privacy! A new neighbor moved in and removed the lovely tall arborvitae hedge that had
very nicely separated our properties. What tree can I plant that is fast growing, likes a lot of sun,
and grows more vertically than horizontally?

There is a 21 foot long strip that needs fast-growing, evergreen if possible, sun-loving, privacy
shrubs. I would very much appreciate knowing what are some good options. thanks- nancy

Multnomah County Oregon

1 Response

Beware of 'fast-growing' as it may be a problem as it matures. What looks good at five years could be a problem in 10-15 years. You say 'sun-loving' but you need to consider watering requirements. Bamboo has received a bit of a bad rap but it's fast growing and it really quite beautiful as a hedge. For running bamboo, as long as you install the appropriate barriers it could meet your needs but it is a grass so it will need watering during the summer months. You could replant arborvitae again, or certain varieties of Italian cypress grow more vertically. There are also columnar varieties of other evergreens like blue spruce, redwood and cedar.