Foundation wash out?

Asked February 12, 2016, 4:33 PM EST

I live in a single wide mobile home that has been at this location for at least 30 years. It has been part of the family for a long time so, my husband and I were told that much of the placement or restoring and remodeling has been "halfway" or done by "rigging". Recently, we started replacing old floor insulation and found that our cinder blocks are in great shape but the foundation/ground and broken cinder blocks, bricks, rocks, and trash beneath them are washing away. I'm terrified to go back under the home to finish the insulation because this is happening on the whole backside of the home. Is this more common than I am thinking? What should we do to fix this? I have also taken a few pictures to show, if you need them, I have attached.

South Carolina

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Because of liability involved, you will need to hire a qualified professional to answer this question. You are looking for a home inspector, a structural engineer, or a building contractor who knows something about foundations.