Hydroponic Gardening

Asked February 10, 2016, 12:37 PM EST

My husband and I would like to learn more about this and vertical gardening, year-round and indoors. Are any classes available?

Michigan master gardener program

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I couldn't find any classes offered by extension on hydroponics or vertical gardening. There is information available online from university sites. These can help, since university information is research based, and is not trying to sell you products or services.

I am going to contact MSU and see what classes may be available. I will update your question when I get a response from the school.

You may want to check your local garden clubs and hydroponic supply stores to see if they offer classes or seminars. You may have already looked at the following possibilities but, I will include them here for completeness: Your library is likely to have books on the subject. This topic has been featured on television garden shows, too, so the websites connected with those tv shows may have online videos on the subject. For example, 'Garden Smart' and 'Victory Garden's Edible Feast' are two shows that have discussed hydroponics and vertical gardening. Look in your local publications, like newspaper, community newsletter, or 'Michigan Gardener' to see if classes are offered.

The MSU Bookstore offers a publication on Hydroponics you can order online:

To search for university sites that have info, enter a search similar to this:
Hydroponic growing site:.edu

The inclusion of the 'site:.edu'. On the end of the search will give you mostly university sites that are research based. (A few commercial sites still get their ads in the results)

Here are a couple extension publications, if you would like to start there:

When I receive a reply about hydroponics and vertical gardens I will post it to your question here. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your very prompt and thorough answer. I checked out quite a few books on Amazon but thought a class might be helpful too. I'll continue searching and do appreciate your help.

Hello again,
You are very welcome, I hope some of the info is useful.

I checked with a few people at MSU, and they don't have any classes right now. If you check in with your county MSU extension office web site periodically, watch for classes offered in the future. You can also subscribe to MSU extension newsletter, which lists upcoming classes---see the sign-up link in the left column of this page:

MSU extension hydroponics articles are here:

In my online search I came across some more links that offer information and some videos. While we don't endorse the commercial sites, they may have classes.
This link mentions farms and vendors who offer classes:

This has online video and a links section:

USDA info: includes resources and links:

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Thanks again, Laura! You have been very helpful. This is a great start for us!